Conference Presentation Awards for Graduate Students

Before the pandemic, the Graduate College provided up to $350 for students to travel to a conference, and the number of awards given to a department depended on the department’s size. This year’s Conference Presentation Award program will operate slightly differently, i.e., it will provide a department with funds, in increments of $450 depending on size, and the department may then disburse the funds for conference travel or for conference registration fees.

Within the department’s allocation, there are no limits on the dollar amount awarded to a particular student for eligible expenses. As well, there are no limits on the number of students a department may elect to support with its allocation.

Awards may be offered as reimbursement for recently-completed conference travel/participation or for upcoming travel/participation (see “Eligible Periods” below).

Application is by department nomination only. Students do not apply directly to the Graduate College. Instead, students submit materials to their department, then the department selects applications for submission to the Graduate College using the online nomination form below. Though not required by the Graduate College, departments may wish to have applicants complete this Student Application Form as part of the department’s internal review process. Students interested in applying should contact their Director of Graduate Studies to inquire about the department’s internal selection process.

Applicants must be registered and in good academic standing during both the term the application is submitted AND the term during which the conference takes place (exceptions to this are made for summer).
Applicants may receive only one Conference Presentation Award per academic year.
Students in non-degree, online, cost-recovery, and self-supporting programs are ineligible.
Awards are supported by Students for Equal Access to Learning (SEAL) fees, which are part of the Student Initiated Fees. Therefore, applicants must have paid the Student Initiated Fees in the semester during which they apply. For details on fees, see the Office of the Registrar’s website. Students who are not assessed the fees, e.g., students registered in Credit Range III or IV (less than 6 hours), may become eligible by paying the fee at a cashier’s window in 100 Henry Administration Building.
Eligible Travel Periods: For spring term awards, the conference must take place anytime from the beginning of the spring term to the end of the following fall term.

Number of Nominees: The amount of funding a department may request is based on 10th day enrollment numbers as reported by DMI (report #1).

Award Amounts Per Student: For students traveling to an in-person conference, award amounts are based on the cost of transportation to/from the conference plus the cost of lodging. For students participating in a virtual conference, award amounts are based on the registration fees required for participation in the conference. No other fees (such as membership fees) or costs (such as printing or meals) are allowable.

Submission of Receipts: Students who are awarded a Conference Presentation Award are required to submit to their department receipts showing all requested expenses. The Graduate College does not require these receipts; however, the department should keep copies of them for audit purposes.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the name of the conference?
  2. Please provide the conference's website URL.
  3. Is the conference virtual or in-person?
  4. Will you be presenting a paper, poster, or creative work at the conference?
  5. Will the conference take place between the beginning of the spring 2023 term to the end of the fall 2023 term?
  6. Please provide the conference start and end dates.
  7. Will you be be registered and in good academic standing during both the term the application is submitted AND the term during which the conference takes place (exceptions to this are made for summer).
  8. Have you received a conference presentation award within this academic year?
  9. Are you in a cost-recovery or self-supporting program?
  10. Please give the total conference expenses being requested. Review the details on the Fellowship Finder listing to check what expenses are and are not covered:
  11. To the best of my knowledge, I have not committed any action that violates the UIUC Student Code or the CS Department Values and Code of Conduct.
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