Oakley Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Oakley Family of Quincy, Ill., set up this award in 1994 under the suggestion of Prof. Burks Oakley II, who at the time was the Undergraduate Adviser in the Department. In his position as adviser, Dr. Oakley came in contact with many outstanding undergraduate students that had been required to seek employment during their college career to help pay for their education. The Oakley family agreed that it would be good to establish an award to honor students that had shown outstanding academic merit and leadership while having to work to pay for their education.

This award was established to recognize and reward outstanding juniors in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department who have been active in outside activities while helping finance their education through employment during their college career.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe how you have contributed financially to your education through employment during school.
  2. Describe any technical and professional societies as well as other campus and community activities that your have participated in.